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End of an Era, and It’s About Damn Time –

It happened in the music business, it’s in full swing in the publishing business, and it’s building a head of steam in the entertainment industry of movies and TV. The era of the manufactured/exploited superstar is coming to a close.

A handful of superstars, as well as all the mindless middlemen and bloodsucking control freaks already lament this evolution. But make no mistake, it is revolutionary for entertainment and the arts, making it possible for anyone with determination and talent to express their artistic abilities, control their own destiny,  and receive fair compensation in the process.

An excellent example of the early technological undercurrents and their implications for artists is “Artifact.” A film which began life documenting the making of the 30 Seconds to Mars album, “This Is War” and morphed into a hard-hitting  commentary, exposing the inner secrets of corruption in the music industry.

Much has changed since the making of this film in 2008, and the changes are accelerating, spreading throughout media and entertainment, thanks to newer/better technology. I’m no technophobe, but I have a healthy tendency to be suspicious, ferreting out hidden agendas before passing judgement. And while I’m the first to decry the abuses of new technology, I herald this new dawn with open arms, embracing as well, its dark side.

Bottom line, this sea change benefits artists and audiences alike. As the song says, “Our time will come.” Guess what? It’s Here and Now.

Your input is always appreciated.

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  1. John June 18, 2015 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    You never stated exactly what these changes are and how they’ll benefit the artist. From the trailer we can get a general, vague idea but you don’t specify what’s happened and how you’ll be taking advantage of it.

    • Michael Allan Scott July 3, 2015 at 4:52 pm - Reply

      The changes are widespread and pervasive. In summary these changes are a shift away from tightly controlled access to markets by a few large (corporate conglomerate) players to broad access to markets by the creators of content. This has erupted in a number of manifestations, both positive and negative.
      Keep in mind, the aim of corporate conglomerates, is strictly profit. The standard practice has been to manipulate markets by restricting content, thereby creating an artificial scarcity, keeping product prices artificially high. Good for profits, bad for consumers and artists. Especially artists, since the conglomerate kept the lion’s share of the money generated by the artists’ work and barred 100% of other artists’ access to markets.
      Now, of course, any artist with a few inexpensive technology tools and a little know-how, has access to the markets unfettered. As far as I’m concerned this is a huge opportunity. Not all see it that way.
      As far as how I’m taking advantage of it, I started a new business as a writer. My self-published mystery series is available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00AB4ETQ6

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