Cut-Throat Syndrome

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“CUT-THROAT SYNDROME . . . clear as a bell, hitting hard and fast, and will satisfy readers looking for a gritty thriller . . .” – IndieReader

If tough guys like Reacher, Bourne, or Bosch get you going, wait until you see Lance Underphal and crew in action:

* A Chinese airliner sucks a drone packed with explosives into its starboard engine.

* A hacker cult claims responsibility.

* The next day, Lance leads a homicide detective to the headless corpse of an unidentified teenager.

Throw in an ex-SEAL P.I. tracking a CIA informant gone rogue and it gets intense.

Tangled in international intrigue, this tale of greed and conspiracy delves into a disturbing world ripped out of tomorrow’s headlines.

Cut-Throat Syndrome is new and different.Not your run-of-the-mill murder mystery, or action thriller, it’s the latest addition to the absorbing novels showcased on NBC’s Daytime.

Be forewarned. You may find it a little too close for comfort. It’s not a guessing game for the faint of heart. Tonight, challenge yourself to a thrilling read.

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